So What Entitlement?

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the need to cut entitlements and then calling Social Security part of this system. I have been paying into Social Security for over 40 years so it’s not an entitlement it’s an investment.

When people put money in the Stock Market or a savings account or a retirement fund they expect a return on that money so if Social Security is an entitlement then so are all of these. There’s no difference you but your money in there expecting a return at a later date…but wait….you put money into Social Security as well don’t you want that money returned when you retire, or are you just giving it to the government out of the goodness of your heart? “Just a Though”

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Humanities Worst Enemy

I have been a student of history for a long time and did you know that the first recorded war was in 2700B.C. and believe it or not it was between Iraq and Iran, big shocker. Since that time there has been an estimated 167,000,000 to 175,000,000 deaths due to these wars and these are just the wars in which that information was kept. Though out the course of history there have been literally thousands of wars for one reason or another so I would think that’s it safe to assume that the number of deaths is much higher.

Wars have been fought for many reasons, land, wealth, revenge, and religion to name a few and there have been so many wars about religion they are uncountable….really uncountable. So I would say that man has two worst enemies, himself and God.

Yep God, that same person who your preacher, rabbi, priest, or whatever has been telling you is all loving and all forgiving. So if he is all loving and forgiving why would he want man to war and if he doesn’t want man to war why doesn’t he stop it, and stop right there cause free will…..don’t hunt.

Would you have a child and then give it free will to do as he/she you wouldn’t. If there is a God and he but man here then he has the same responsiblity that you do for your children, and to tell you the truth I really don’t see him living up to this responsiblity….but then again I don’t see man living up to it either……Just a Though

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Do You Really Believe?

I have never had a problem with the belief in God or the bible, although I myself do not subscribe to most of the ideas put forth by the belief in both. What I competely do not believe in is orgainzed religion. This is just another way to play on the fears of people and collect from them monies which they could have put to better use for themselves. All religions preach helping the poor and loving your neigbhor, while they collect there money and build grand houses of worship. You don’t really need a big new church, what you need to do is use that money to “help the poor and protect the weak”, but then again that’s not going to happen. “Just a Though”

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God Doesn’t Hate, People Do

I wonder how people like those of the Westboro Baptist Church sleep at night, and now I wonder how those of the Supreme Court can face themselves in the mirror. I know that freedom of speech is one of the basic foundation blocks of our Constitution but somehow I don’t think the founding fathers put that little nugget in the Constitution so jerks like those of the Westboro Baptist Church could go out and defame those who have given their very lives for there county.
It is people like this who should be scooped up, put in uniform and stuck on the front lines and given a choice, there protest signs or a weapon…..I really hope they pick the signs….”Just a Though”

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Rotate Your Idoits, LOL

I am confused….. there’s a Republican Governor in Wisconsin trying to break the Union, and please don’t say that isn’t what he’s doing….because it is what he’s doing. We have the Republicans in Washington talking about shutting not the government if they don’t get there way with the federal budget and last but not least we have Republican Governors in about six states that are doing their best to break the Unions in there states. My my my, the Republicans are a busy bunch, sure glad I didn’t vote for any of them. LMAO……..Remember, “you reap what you sow” and most of the country just aren’t smart enough to rotate their crops. LOLOLOLO “Just a Though”

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Sunday February 13, 2011

I spend a lot of time looking up things on the internet that I don’t know. When I was younger I though I knew all the answers; as I got older I found out I didn’t even know half the questions.
Here’s a little something I didn’t know…..did you know that you can run for President and it doesn’t even cost a penny to file the paper work and if you don’t spend over $5,000 of your own money there isn’t anymore paperwork involved… curious, then why do political parties spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get a candidate elected? I think it’s because of the potential power the parties want to control, and control was never the object of our government. Control is the object of people, people with money want to make more money, so they put other people they can control in office because they can control them, hope that wasn’t to confusing.
But people with money are smart about their control, they use other people and groups to help with the control, like lobbyist. Now I think this is the biggest part of the problem, we as average Americas don’t have a lobbyist group, so the big bucks fight our one vote with campaign ads that lie and confuse the average person. So I was thinking, maybe we should form a lobbyist group. Not a group that works by running bogus political ads to scare people, but one that uses the vote to exert our own control. It’s one thing to spend millions of dollars on political ads, it’s quit another to walk into a Congress persons or Senator’s office with the might of millions of votes. Voting is a powerful thing when it’s directed at one person or one platform, that’s why we have political parties, just maybe it’s time for a real lobbyist group of the people by the people and for the people……Just a Though.

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You Know! Dad was Right

When I was growing up my father worked as a truck driver. He belonged to the Teamsters Union for as long as I can remember and every time Hoffa was elected as the President of the Union my mother would harp about how crocked he was. My father in his ever patience voice would agree, “but” he would say “he always takes care of the members and their families which is more than can be said for your elected officials.” Needless to say, my father didn’t vote, my mother was a precinct committee chairmen or women. This was an argument I hear up until the day I left home to join the service.

When I left home for the service my father set down with me to have a talk, he knew I was leaving because my Mother and I didn’t see eye to eye on anything. Dad gave me two pieces of advice. First he said “Don’t volunteer for anything”, “keep your head down, and son” he said, “don’t expect anything from anyone in return, just come back alive.” My father served in WWII where his leg was broken in Germany, when the doctors over there set it, they set it wrong and it gave him problems his entire life. He visited the VA hospital one time and sat waiting for nine hours to see a doctor. After nine hours he walked out my mother was livid my father never went to the VA again, as a matter of fact the last time my father was in a hospital he died there.

Over the years I’ve found that my father was right. Governments really don’t care about people only people care about people. Governments care about money, power and empire. Oh they say they care but they don’t really. Now people, people care, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it but they do. It isn’t the government that stops on the street to give change to a homeless person, or take food to the local food bank, or help that elderly lady next door, or stop to help a person alongside the road, its people. So I’m thinking that maybe it’s time that we as people help ourselves, by not electing those high-priced lawyers, and hot-shot business people to office. Maybe we should elect that elderly lady next door, or that homeless person on the street, I know; how about that lady that is always at the food bank helping her neighbors, maybe, just maybe we take back our government from those who would use it too advance their own well-being instead of ours, maybe we hold our own little, quite, and peaceful revolution at the voting booth………Just a Though!

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Who are to be the electors?

The following words were taken from the Federalist Papers #57, written by either Alexander Hamilton or James Madison, but the point is they need to be read by every voting American.

Who are to be the electors of the federal representatives? Not the rich, more than the poor; not the learned, more than the ignorant; not the haughty heirs of distinguished names, more than the humble sons of obscurity and unpropitious fortune. The electors are to be the great body of the people of the United States. They are to be the same who exercise the right in every State of electing the corresponding branch of the legislature of the State.

For too long we as American’s have let big money persuade us as to who to vote for even when it’s not in our best interest. The politicians of both parties crank up their propaganda machines each and every election. Both sides crank out the lies about each other and do their best to confuse us as voters.
This has to stop, we know there not going to stop spinning the lies so we have to stop believing them. We need to elect common citizens, people who suffer as we do, who work, live and play with their families as we do with ours. The time for electing the rich and affluent is over all it’s gotten us is more debt then we can pay and representatives who care more about the money they can make in Washington than the job there suppose to do. We need people who don’t need to make a deal to get a good law passed, we need elected officials who work together for the good of the people not the good of the party. We as American’s need to retake control of our destiny and our House of Representatives and our Congress. The time has come for the professional politicians to be retired. So remember in the next voting cycle, to VOTE and don’t vote for the money.

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I Guess I’ll Start Here.

AT the ripe old age of 61 I have decided to become a blogger, why? you ask. I don’t really know. Friends and family tell me I’m just fucken nuts, hence the title, maybe I am and maybe I just care to damn much.

When I was much younger I got sucked into the tax protest movement, it didn’t take long to figure out that the people who were considered the leaders of these people where just playing on the fears and miss trust of the IRS to make as much money as they could. They weren’t the one takeing the chances with there homes and businesses, they were always standing in the background pushing others to risk everything they had. This bothered me a great deal, and so I left the movement. Don’t get me wrong I still to this day do not agree with the way taxes are leveled or the manner in which the IRS goes about its job as far as I’m concerned is criminal. We the people have a right to justice in the courts not just law.

So I’ll stop the rambling for now but you get the idea as to what I’m about. I don’t believe in the left or the right, I don’t care much for people who try to inflict their religious beliefs on others, In this country we have the right to believe the way we choose. I also don’t care for lawyers making the laws, their not doing a very good job.

What I do believe is if you want companies to bring the jobs back to America they have moved over seas, then stop buying their products, tired of the laws being made in favor of Wall st instead of Main st stop electing lawyers and the rich, start electing people who have the same day-to-day problems that you have. People who won’t let the banks and the courts take everything you own and call it justice……… It’s just a though!

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