I Guess I’ll Start Here.

AT the ripe old age of 61 I have decided to become a blogger, why? you ask. I don’t really know. Friends and family tell me I’m just fucken nuts, hence the title, maybe I am and maybe I just care to damn much.

When I was much younger I got sucked into the tax protest movement, it didn’t take long to figure out that the people who were considered the leaders of these people where just playing on the fears and miss trust of the IRS to make as much money as they could. They weren’t the one takeing the chances with there homes and businesses, they were always standing in the background pushing others to risk everything they had. This bothered me a great deal, and so I left the movement. Don’t get me wrong I still to this day do not agree with the way taxes are leveled or the manner in which the IRS goes about its job as far as I’m concerned is criminal. We the people have a right to justice in the courts not just law.

So I’ll stop the rambling for now but you get the idea as to what I’m about. I don’t believe in the left or the right, I don’t care much for people who try to inflict their religious beliefs on others, In this country we have the right to believe the way we choose. I also don’t care for lawyers making the laws, their not doing a very good job.

What I do believe is if you want companies to bring the jobs back to America they have moved over seas, then stop buying their products, tired of the laws being made in favor of Wall st instead of Main st stop electing lawyers and the rich, start electing people who have the same day-to-day problems that you have. People who won’t let the banks and the courts take everything you own and call it justice……… It’s just a though!

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