You Know! Dad was Right

When I was growing up my father worked as a truck driver. He belonged to the Teamsters Union for as long as I can remember and every time Hoffa was elected as the President of the Union my mother would harp about how crocked he was. My father in his ever patience voice would agree, “but” he would say “he always takes care of the members and their families which is more than can be said for your elected officials.” Needless to say, my father didn’t vote, my mother was a precinct committee chairmen or women. This was an argument I hear up until the day I left home to join the service.

When I left home for the service my father set down with me to have a talk, he knew I was leaving because my Mother and I didn’t see eye to eye on anything. Dad gave me two pieces of advice. First he said “Don’t volunteer for anything”, “keep your head down, and son” he said, “don’t expect anything from anyone in return, just come back alive.” My father served in WWII where his leg was broken in Germany, when the doctors over there set it, they set it wrong and it gave him problems his entire life. He visited the VA hospital one time and sat waiting for nine hours to see a doctor. After nine hours he walked out my mother was livid my father never went to the VA again, as a matter of fact the last time my father was in a hospital he died there.

Over the years I’ve found that my father was right. Governments really don’t care about people only people care about people. Governments care about money, power and empire. Oh they say they care but they don’t really. Now people, people care, sometimes it doesn’t seem like it but they do. It isn’t the government that stops on the street to give change to a homeless person, or take food to the local food bank, or help that elderly lady next door, or stop to help a person alongside the road, its people. So I’m thinking that maybe it’s time that we as people help ourselves, by not electing those high-priced lawyers, and hot-shot business people to office. Maybe we should elect that elderly lady next door, or that homeless person on the street, I know; how about that lady that is always at the food bank helping her neighbors, maybe, just maybe we take back our government from those who would use it too advance their own well-being instead of ours, maybe we hold our own little, quite, and peaceful revolution at the voting booth………Just a Though!

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