Humanities Worst Enemy

I have been a student of history for a long time and did you know that the first recorded war was in 2700B.C. and believe it or not it was between Iraq and Iran, big shocker. Since that time there has been an estimated 167,000,000 to 175,000,000 deaths due to these wars and these are just the wars in which that information was kept. Though out the course of history there have been literally thousands of wars for one reason or another so I would think that’s it safe to assume that the number of deaths is much higher.

Wars have been fought for many reasons, land, wealth, revenge, and religion to name a few and there have been so many wars about religion they are uncountable….really uncountable. So I would say that man has two worst enemies, himself and God.

Yep God, that same person who your preacher, rabbi, priest, or whatever has been telling you is all loving and all forgiving. So if he is all loving and forgiving why would he want man to war and if he doesn’t want man to war why doesn’t he stop it, and stop right there cause free will…..don’t hunt.

Would you have a child and then give it free will to do as he/she you wouldn’t. If there is a God and he but man here then he has the same responsiblity that you do for your children, and to tell you the truth I really don’t see him living up to this responsiblity….but then again I don’t see man living up to it either……Just a Though

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