Sunday February 13, 2011

I spend a lot of time looking up things on the internet that I don’t know. When I was younger I though I knew all the answers; as I got older I found out I didn’t even know half the questions.
Here’s a little something I didn’t know…..did you know that you can run for President and it doesn’t even cost a penny to file the paper work and if you don’t spend over $5,000 of your own money there isn’t anymore paperwork involved… curious, then why do political parties spend hundreds of millions of dollars to get a candidate elected? I think it’s because of the potential power the parties want to control, and control was never the object of our government. Control is the object of people, people with money want to make more money, so they put other people they can control in office because they can control them, hope that wasn’t to confusing.
But people with money are smart about their control, they use other people and groups to help with the control, like lobbyist. Now I think this is the biggest part of the problem, we as average Americas don’t have a lobbyist group, so the big bucks fight our one vote with campaign ads that lie and confuse the average person. So I was thinking, maybe we should form a lobbyist group. Not a group that works by running bogus political ads to scare people, but one that uses the vote to exert our own control. It’s one thing to spend millions of dollars on political ads, it’s quit another to walk into a Congress persons or Senator’s office with the might of millions of votes. Voting is a powerful thing when it’s directed at one person or one platform, that’s why we have political parties, just maybe it’s time for a real lobbyist group of the people by the people and for the people……Just a Though.

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